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                酒店位于曼谷市中心的黄金地带Sukhumvit路,拥有客房420间,其中包括31个〖豪华套房,3个【特别套房,和3间泰国风情豪华套房,可将Rachada河尽收眼底。标准间为45平方米,是曼谷市内最宽敞的标准间之一。优雅的现代泰式风格,酒店设施采用木材、大理石和一流的泰丝。Sukhumvit喜来登大酒店致力于为所有客人提供一流的ω 服务,客人满意的◎微笑是酒店努力的最高目标。


                Basil屡次获奖,您可以品尝到泰国美食的原始々味道。传统泰式户外餐厅The Sala,有清幽的花园和热带风情游泳池。豪华Spa馆共有11间按摩室,环境优雅,提供←全方位的Spa诊疗服务。自由式发泡热带风情游泳池以及极可意浴缸,是亚→洲最棒的游泳中心之一。


                Strategically located on Sukhumvit Road, the heart of Bangkok City, amidst shops, department stores, restaurants, pubs and entertainment facilities. Accommodation

                Luxury accommodation in Bangkok doesn’t come much better than the Sheraton Grande. Situated right in the heart of Bangkok city the Sheraton 5 Star hotel has got everything to make every aspect of your stay unforgettable.

                420 spacious luxury guest rooms including 42 Grande Suites, 3 Specialty Suites and 3 Thai-theme Suites overlooking Lake Rachada. The standard guestrooms are 45 square meters in size,one of the most spacious Bangkok in the city.

                Deluxe guest rooms feature rich woods, marble, and elegant Thai silks. Overlooking Lake Rachada, 42 Grande Suites incorporate a large living/lounge area with separate washroom and toilet. Each Grand Suite is approximately 83 square metres. The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit is totally committed to service excellence and guest satisfaction.Restaurants

                Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit hotel offers a wide range of Bangkok restaurants, award wining quality cuisine and great Bars to make your stay at luxury hotel unforgettable.

                Discover the sublime taste of the finest traditional Thai cuisine at basil. Dishes from an inspired menu are complimented by Thai and international wines and served in a setting of contemporary sophistication, making basil an extraordinary dining experience. TheSala, Garden Restaurant Bangkok is an outdoor eatery

                in traditional Thai style, complemented by the beautifully landscaped gardens and tropical free-form swimming pool.Recreational Facilites

                Swimming Pool: A sparkling free-form tropical oasis with a relaxing jacuzzi. One of the best swimming pool in Asia.

                The Grande Spa: The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit, located a heartbeat away from the lively energetic pulse of the city and in the heart of the business center with immediate access to Asok BTS skytrain, has a Spa to ease your mind, treatment to relax your body and a Fitness Center with the latest equipment to tone up those muscles and work out the stress and strains accumulated in a day’s work or traveling.
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